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We know the stress that comes from trying to meet seemingly impossible deadlines, and the frustration that comes with the occasional writers’ block. We understand how precious little time you have sometimes, and the overwhelming feeling that accompanies these demands on your time.

At Assign Kit we exist essentially to help take the pressure from off you, thereby opening up your time for other activities including having a social life, working a part time job or just giving you more study time to improve your grades.

Our services are top notch, and our writers are seasoned professionals, who are versed in their various fields. We make certain that all deadlines are met, but not at the expense of quality to ensure you are smiling all the way.

Why You Should Use Assign Kit


Experienced/Professional Writers

Our agents/writers have been vetted and tested to ensure they meet our very high standards


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All our financial transactions are 100% encrypted, safe and secure

Best Prices

You can always count on us for comparatively favourable prices

About Us

We have been in the education and consulting business for almost 10 years, and have a passion for helping students and professionals succeed in their chosen career path. We work with a team of expert freelance writers, connecting them with students and professionals around the world to and connects them with students all over the world for all their writing needs.

The mission of Assign Kit is to provide academic writing services such as writing, editing, speech writing assignment assistance and proofreading to students and professionals. Our quality of our work is guaranteed with our large pool of expert writers. Excellence is our watchword. Our work is 100% original with each starting from the scratch with a fresh new take on every job. With a zero tolerance for plagiarism and copyright infringements. We look forward to working with you with eager anticipation.

Social Responsibility

We understand the importance of social responsibility when it comes to education, the academia and professionals in the area of writing. Because of this, we have established policies and procedures to ensure that we provide educative learning for clients and users of our services. Understanding the written work that has been done is a very important aspect of our service.